How to get started, setup your directory and collect income

1. Register for an account and create a directory here

Creating your account and setting up your directory is free, secure and totally unlimited. Collect as many listings as you can, and create as many directories as you would like.

2. Setup basic details, choose a name, currency and listing fee

Title, web-url, strapline and basic information about your directory.

3. Upload a logo and banner

Add a custom logo and directory banner to give yourself a distinctive brand.

4. Link social media profiles

This section is optional, however linking to social media profiles allows you to greatly gather more visitors and listings to your directory.

5. Complete contact and address details

Complete your contact and address details. Your address is not published and your contact settings help us notify and alert you to new listings, questions from your members and payments.

6. Setup payment account

When a business/individual creates a listing in your directory, their listing will incur a monthly listing fee - setting up your (free) stripe connect profile allows you to take the payment directly through this website. Payments taken on your directory are instantly taken into your Stripe account and available for withdrawl. Payments are handled securely by Stripe and are directly paid to you, we do not take any payment ourselves and do not hold any currency.

7. Done! Invite members, collect the listing fee

Each directory comes with 50 free invitations - an invited person can use the activation code to list their business in your directory free of charge for 30 days.