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How it works

Use RealGDX to create your own local or global business listings directory website and earn passive income!. Using your digital directory website to get listings, increase the web presence of your customers, and recieve the listing fee directly to your bank account. Our online business directories are hosted in secure UK data-centres and payments are provided by a trusted 3rd party payments processor (Stripe).

Our custom business directory software allows you to customize your own UK/Global business directory website - and receive the listing fee as passive income from home!

RealGDX is a custom directory platform you can use to earn income.

Typical use case

John uses the RealGDX free business directory platform to create a directory website of UK based internet cafe's.

John sets his listing fee at £3.99 per quarter.

250 internet cafe's market their business on John's directory. They gain valuable web presence and can publish a localised mini-website about their company on John's directory.

250 (listings) x £3.99 (quarterly listing fee) = John earns £997.50 in passive income, directly to his bank account* every 3 months.
* Minus processing fee's and standard platform fee of approx 5%


What our users say


RealGDX operates globally and is based in the UK. RealGDX helps businesses, sole-traders, SME's and others to find new customers globally and advertise their services for free.

A RealGDX business directory website is a tool for an individual to earn passive income - offer your services in your own way and create a trusted local business directory. The SEO benefits from our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services are great and are totally free!

All directories and listings on RealGDX are automatically added to all major search engines.

Your directory website is managed by you - you can add all page content and collect income whilst you collect listings!

Your business directory website can target customers in a specific location or globally at no extra fee.